Make your own career path

Enrapt's careers follow a different course and different trajectory for each employee. The standard consulting model of begin as a developer, lead a development team, work directly with customer as a consultant, evolve into a director is similar across majority of consulting companies. However, at Enrapt employees are evaluated based on their contribution to customer deliverables. If you are doing majority of the work on the project, you should be paid and evaluated based upon your project contribution. Every Enrapt employee owns a deliverable that contributes to the customer's success, the amount of contribution to customer success determines your career path.

At Enrapt, you can choose to stay as a developer, stay as a consultant, stay as a development leader and still be evaluated based on your contribution to customer's success.

Development Leader

Enrapt follows the traditional consulting model career path where an employee will start as a developer and will eventually work supporting the customer as a consultant and later as a director.

Enrapt does not have an up or out policy. Whether due to family issues, health issues, or work-life balance issues it is up to the individual to determine what position matches their skills best and how best they can contribute to customer delivery.


Your Career is in your Hands

Enrapt does not provide careers that are determined by your seniority. Your career is based on your efforts and contribution level. Even at the Developer position we have employees over 10,000,000 yen per annum in salary. There is no pressure to move positions as.

However, for those that want the maximize their salaries the career path to director will give you the largest customer contribution, since you will not own just your own efforts but the efforts of your entire team.