Technical Skill

  • Employees are always working to identify new solutions and pushing towards delivery, so that customers can rapidly adopt new solutions and provide more value to their own customers
  • Employees must learn and skill-up using real-world scenarios and using the latest technologies.
  • By learning and utilizing new technologies employees will get used to problem-solving and proposing options and identifying the best solution.

Enrapt's organization structure allows for the company to change direction very quickly and pushes employees to evaluate new technologies and investigate the latest solutions.

Enrapt is not hindered by the politics, cross org inefficiencies, and inflexible processes found in large organizations. Employees will work on a number of different solutions without worrying about organizational constraints. Examples: AI solutions, cloud solutions, or the Metaverse.

Enrapt has a minimal focus on maintenance development. With a primary focus on new projects, employees are expected to learn continuously.




Enrapt believes that maintaining high performance requires fair compensation for the employee based on their contribution. For the past 5 years, developers have been achieving 90% of their bonus targets, with multiple developers achieving over 100% of their bonus targets. Employees who contribute the most on a project are also subject to project bonuses as well as role promotions.

Examples of Bonuses:

  • Project MVP Bonus: In a project of 3 members or more, the primary contributor will awarded a special bonus from the director
  • Complicated Defect Bonus: A long-term ongoing issue at a customer is resolved by an employee. (Examples: Intermittent buffer overflows in Azure, Salesforce rejecting Yahoo mobile browsers as the result of an incorrect header)

Job Reliability


Enrapt has been in business for over 10 years and has been profitable for every single year since the company was founded. Our average customer relationship extends over 5 years with yearly repeating business. Our primary customers consist of financial services companies which can with-stand a down-turn in the market.

Enrapt does not have an up or out model. Many of our employees have been doing development for 5 years plus. It is up to the employee to identify how best they can contribute to customer delivery.