New Employee Training


Cloud Certifications

A new employee will be assigned a people manager on their first day of work and immediately start working on getting their first certification. Certifications include Salesforce Developer, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, or Azure Fundamentals, skills that the employee can use in their new career with us as well in the future.

The employee will choose between in-person training, online training, or e-learning in preparation for their certification exams. In the first month, employees will not be assigned any other tasks besides completing their first certification.


Continuous Review Process and Strive for Excellence

After the first month, a new employee will be assigned to a project with a development leader who will manage their daily development tasks and start the deliverables process. A review meeting is held every day for project members to discuss development issues, seek help, and report on general status.

After the employee completes their deliverables, a review process will ensue where the development leader, and director also review to make sure that the deliverables are of proper quality. Enrapt believes in a total review culture for employees will help in their growth. During this feedback process, the new employee will provided better ways of writing their code, and ways of to improve speed and quality. In this way the new employee begins their first steps of honing/improving their skills.

Since Enrapt's deliverables need to be of financial services grade quality. The quality must be sound enough that customers would reliably store and manage their money in the delivered system.

Enrapt Review Process

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The Enrapt review process is facilitated primarily using Github and Azure DevOps.

  1. The Developer will have their tasks determined and tracked in a weekly planning meetings
  2. The Developer will then perform the necessary coding and check into Github
  3. The Development leader will then review the code to ensure quality and requirements specifications are met
  4. The Developer will then create the test and again check into Github
  5. The Development leader will then review the test code to ensure that the tests are sufficient and match requirements
  6. The Developer will then merge and deploy the code to Azure and perform
  7. The Director/Customer will then review the design deliverables and close the task




Each project is assigned a development leader who will perform code reviews and instruct the developer on how to improve their code. Code reviews occur every 2-3 days, constant feedback is given to the developer on how to improve their coding skills.

In addition, all developers are provided with 200,000 yen in support for training every year. A developer should use that for online training via Udemy or enroll in an IT course of their choosing. Additional f2f training is also provided to developers who are looking to get their Azure/Amazon/Salesforce certifications.

In the case the employee is not a native Japanese speaker or wishes to improve their English communication the 200,000 yen amount can be used for Japanese or English classes.


Development Leader

Leaders are provided management training once a year via Recruit management school. Recruit management school gives our leaders the ability to learn from other industries as well as participate in classes with people who are not Enrapt employees.

Leaders will also attend communication training to continue to brush up their skills so they can later take on positions as a director or use the 200,000 yen provided for for their own technical skill/up and training as well.